The objective of the Conference is to mobilize quality policy-oriented and basic research with a focus on issues related to growth, equity, and stability.


The objectives of the Conference are: 

  • To discuss the opportunities and the value propositions the participative economy and financial system presents for the One Belt One Road initiative.
  • To investigate the extent to which participative economy and financial system can enhance economic growth in the countries along the Belt and Road.
  • To analyze current issues and challenges facing the One Belt One Road Initiative as it gets implemented in selected number of countries in West Asia, Middle East and North Africa.  
  • To provide a platform to exchange ideas and practices and the creation of new ideas to assess the current state of the relationship between China and the UAE and the wider region.
  • To provide an environment free discussion of new concepts, research developments, and applications in participative economy and financial system, and related areas.
  • To promote cooperation between China and MENA region in the areas of trade facilitation, FinTech, e-commerce, investment and smart city  initiatives, and
  • To explore opportunities for the use of PPP in the Belt and Road projects.
  • To promote financial cooperation between China, the UAE,  especially with regard to innovative financial tools and solutions
  • To provide a platform for Chinese companies' leaders and policy makers to examine possibilities for international investment and financing opportunities in the Middle Eastand solutions