The Dubai Center for Islamic Banking and Finance (DCIBF) conducts and facilitates research to advance the professional and theoretical foundation for Islamic Banking and Finance. 

Research results will be disseminated through the Center’s refereed Journal, The International Journal of Excellence in Islamic Banking and Finance and an internet website as well as through scholarly papers and presentations presented at the Center annual conference or other related events.

The Center also hosts an annual International Islamic Banking and Finance Conference to convene leaders, educators, professionals, and researchers from around the world.



DCIBF regularly produces rigorous and scientific reports on various aspects of Islamic Finance and related areas to engage with stakeholders and the Islamic Finance industry on significant recent development and drivers shaping the future of this industry worldwide.

The reports are the DCIBF's response to the technical and socio-economic development issues of common concern to the Islamic Finance industry, through identifying pressing issues facing the industry and making useful suggestions and recommendations to policymakers and other relevant stakeholders.

The reports should  encourages  informed debate on issues examined, and disseminate information in an attempt to influence policy makers and market participants as well as to encourage greater cooperation between various stakeholders, and DCIBF and build trust in the Islamic financial services industry, so that instability in the Islamic financial industry is reduced.

Published Reports

The DCIBF Annual Report: Growth, Efficiency, and Stability In Islamic Banking & Finance

Takaful: Global Challenges to Growth Performance and Governance

2015 DCIBF Report: Islamic Banking: Growth, Efficiency, and Stability

Takaful sustainability and Growth 2015 to 2025

Chinese Report


China-UAE Roundtable

As China expands its economic influence in the Middle East, Islamic finance will gain more prominence in China opening the door for Chinese companies to tap into Islamic Finance capital markets. The One Belt, One Road initiative, has become central to China’s evolving role in the global economy. Under its "One Belt, One Road" strategy to rebuild Silk Road trade links with Asia and Europe,  strong ties are expected to cover the world's main centers of Islamic finance, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, where sharia-compliant assets account for as much as a quarter of total banking assets. Since its inception, the DCIBF  has carved a leading role for itself in creating and disseminating knowledge that would go a  long way in contributing to the Dubai the Capital of Islamic Economy initiative and create a positive impact on Islamic economic development of the UAE.  In line with  their  missions  to pave the road for Islamic finance  in China,  Dubai Center for Islamic Banking and Finance,  The National Development and Reform Commission of the People's Republic of China (NDRC), The Dubai Islamic Economic Development Center, ZhiShang Inter-Culture Communication, and The China Islamic Finance Club,   have taken an initiative to organize  this strategic Roundtable  to  contribute  to  the  opportunity Islamic finance creates for China and its “One Road one Belt” initiative.  The  Roundtable brings together different stakeholders including experts, policy makers, bankers,  investment authorities, listing agencies,  and other stakeholders to exchange views  and discuss ways and means for enhancing cooperation between China and UAE in trade and Islamic finance.


DCIBF Working Papers Series

DCIBF would like to encourage conversation and debate about new work, stimulating a lively exchange of ideas within the field of Islamic economy and finance as well as enhancing networking and potential cooperation among researchers, thinkers, and practitioners from a wide variety of backgrounds. The DCIBF Islamic Economy and Finance Working Paper Series is a forward-looking, interdisciplinary forum for discussing pressing issues related to Islamic economy and finance and related fields.  

The mission of the Working Paper Series is to enhance research in the field of Islamic Economy and Finance. The DCIBF Working Paper Series encourages communication and the sharing of experience and expertise between researchers and practitioners in Islamic economy and finance and related fields.

The aim of the DCIBF Working Paper series is to create a space for new thinking on collaborative, interdisciplinary and co-produced research to emerge and take shape. It contains work in progress and new research on a variety of Islamic economic, banking and finance issues.


Scholarly Journals

International Journal of Excellence in Islamic Banking and Finance (IJEIBF)

The International Journal of Excellence in Islamic Banking and Finance strives to enhance excellence in Islamic banking and finance sectors all over the world. It is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of cutting-edge knowledge about the issues of great strategic relevance facing Islamic banking and finance sectors.

The Journal emphasizes evaluative, empirical, critical and ethical inquiry into the dynamics of Islamic banking and finance sectors in interaction with the clientele of a diverse multicultural society.